Our Concise History

    If you would like a more detailed account of our story and if you would like to discuss your own life journey, please reach out to us. 

    The McWalter family, having worked in a large financial advice firm for a total of almost three decades, are aware of the importance of: independence from product suppliers and corporate bureaucracy and; the freedom to provide our clients with solutions unique to their specific circumstances and in a way that places them at the centre of the process. McWalter F&A was borne out of these tenets and we hold them very close to our heart. 

    1992: Brad develops stage III cancer and at the same time his father is forced to find new work. 

    1993: Brad's father starts working as a financial planner at Liberty Group. 

    2012: Brad joins his father's branch at Liberty Group. 

    2019: Brad opens an independent advice firm, McWalter Financial & Advisory, and takes on the role of director, key individual & lead financial planner. Warren joins the firm as a financial planner. We take on Approach Admin as our servicing and support administrators.

    2022: Tash joins the firm as business manager.

    “My father is an artist and has been from a very young age. His painting and sketching has always been an inspiration to me. Now, having worked alongside him, I've noticed how he's extended this artwork into his career as a financial planner by creating unique masterpieces for his clients. There is no greater honour than to continue this legacy.“ - Brad McWalter