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The WealthPro Portal

Some investment providers (such as Prime, INN8, and some Old Mutual, Sanlam & Momentum products) are not available on the WealthPro portal. This is because these companies don't provide data feeds. In this instance, if you don't see your investments on the portal, you can view them by clicking here.

The Portfoliometrix Portal
If you're a Portfoliometrix investor, then depending on the type of Portfoliometrix investment, it will either be available on the WealthPro portal or the Portfoliometrix portal, but not both. We recommend trying the Portfoliometrix portal first. If you cannot see your investment on at least one of these portals, there is a data feed glitch and you'll need to contact us.


If you are unsure as to which portal to use, you are also always able to log into the provider/platform portal directly.

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