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The first step is not forward, but outward - only then can one see the bigger picture.

Simplicity. Clarity. Acuity.

Our best decisions are made when our minds are sharp, our perceptions keen. This mental acuity can only be garnered once we have the clarity to perceive, and clarity can only created when we simplify; when we reduce things to their essence.

Past, present and future are real places in the journey of life. Once we've simplified our past, we gain clarity in our present moment and then garner an acuity that shows us various futures. 

The past is therefore what we decide to make of it. The present moment is the true deciding factor on what our future will look like. The Enso is a circular brushstroke expressing the moment, it symbolizes absolute enlightenment.

Our Ikigai is to be navigator and guide for our clients through the process of simplifying & clarifying, so that they might find or evolve the acuity within themselves.

"A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart."

​- Jonathan Swift, Author of Gulliver's Travels
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