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Our advice is independent. Our recommendations and portfolio management is defined by what best suits you, our client.


We believe that our industry empowers individuals by providing a well-trodden path to financial freedom, and that our role is to guide our clients along this path. In doing so, we help families, busy professionals & small business owners secure their wealth & achieve their financial goals through customised wealth creation strategies. We walk with our clients.

We are an independent, licensed financial services provider and offer a holistic view on portfolio construction. Since our core belief is that client satisfaction leads to a successful business, our advice will always be fair & independent.

“Like a penny farthing bicycle, your portfolio needs a larger wheel to drive it: your investments, business, assets & career. We call this the Wealth Creation Wheel. But it also needs a smaller wheel to stabilise it: your insurance & contingencies. We call this the Wealth Protection Wheel. Inevitably, your focus will be on the larger front wheel, but the smaller back wheel needs to be solid, sturdy & independent. It’s in this balance that a smooth ride is created, and this is what McWalter F&A focuses upon.” - Brad McWalter, CFP® // Director



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Cape Town


Areas of Practice


Allan Gray, Stanlib, Glacier, Prime.


Medihelp, Bestmed, Fedhealth, Bonitas, Discovery, Momentum.

Long-term Insurers

FMI, Brightrock, Sanlam, Hollad, PPS, Old Mutual, Momentum, Discovery, Liberty


Zestlife, Turnberry, Sirago, Stratum, Ambledown, KaeloXelus.

ShorT-term Insurers

Very extensive, via Prism Consulting.


Property, Tax & Accounting, Legal.


A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.
— Jonathan Swift


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